After a successful 2013 edition, the HiPEAC 2014 conference in Vienna hosted the second edition of the workshop on mixedcriticality integration entitled “2nd Workshop on Integration of Mixed-criticality Subsystems on Multi-core and Manycore Processors”. The technical program covered two days.

(From left to right) Salva Trujillo (IK4-IKERLAN, MultiPARTES coordinator), Kim Grüttner (OFFIS, CONTREX coordinator), Francisco Cazorla (BSC, PROXIMA coordinator) and Roman Obermaisser (Univ. Siegen, DREAMS coordinator) during a break.

The first day was devoted to ongoing projects, which presented their main results, with a focus on their impact on the future design of MCS; the second day was devoted to presenting the goals, objectives and approaches of recently accepted projects. Overall, the audience enjoyed a good balance between results from currently running projects and new challenges to be addressed by just-started projects.

An excellent representation of the European research projects in the field, under both the FP7 and Artemis programs, was present at the workshop: RECOMP, parMERASA, T-CREST, PROARTIS, MultiPARTES, CERTAINTY, CRYSTAL, PROXIMA, CONTREX, DREAMS and EMC2. There were talks focusing on the following topics: Multi-Processor Systems-on-a-Chip  (MPSoCs) for mixed-criticality applications, hypervisors and operating systems for MPSoCs, hard real-time guarantees and certification aspects, model-driven engineering tools for effort reduction, applications in automotive, avionics, railway, energy and industrial control and existing future research directions.

Both day’s sessions ended with very fruitful panel discussions with recognized experts in the field, moderated by Salva Trujillo (IK4-IKERLAN). The first panel was held on the challenges of the road to certification of mixed-criticality systems with panelists:
Roman Obermaisser (University of Siegen), Michael Paulitsch (Airbus Group), Rafael Zalman (Infineon), Jon Perez (IK4-IKERLAN),Christian El Salloum (AVL) and Alfons Crespo (Polytechnic University of Valencia).
The second panel was on many-core mixed-criticality systems with panelists:
Francisco J. Cazorla (BSC), Alan Burns (University of York), Mathieu Patte (Astrium) and Jaume Abella (BSC).
Almost 80 people from at least 16 countries – representing Europe and Asia – attended the workshop.

The agenda and the workshop material are available at
A new edition is planned in 2015.

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