CONTREX: Virtual Integration Testing for Mixed-Criticality Systems under Consideration of Power and Temperature Constraints


Room: Stella @ Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

Jan. 19, 2016 10:00 - 13:00


HIPEAC 2016 Tutorial


This tutorial addresses the challenges of power and thermal control of a mixed-criticality multi-rotor system in which a Xilinx Zynq MPSoC integrates safety-critical flight control and non-safety-critical high-demanding video processing.  

 It covers new concepts of UML/MARTE based specification for mixed-criticality systems, the specification of platform properties (extra-functional model) as well as the dynamic capturing, processing, and extraction of power/temperature information during the simulation in a virtual platform. 

Furthermore, the presented concepts and tools will be applied to the design flow of the mixed-criticality multi-rotor system. In particular, the run-time optimization and management techniques to control the power consumption and waste heat discharge will be presented.


Eugenio Villar, University of Cantabria

Kim Grüttner, OFFIS

William Fornaciari, Politecnico di Milano


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