The CONTREX automotive use-case: “Insurance Telematics for Reduced Cost of Ownership” wins the HiPEAC 2017 technology transfer award.


Telematic boxes for vehicles mainly monitor the driver journey and his driving style. The main benefit up to now is to obtain a discount on the car insurance fee. At present, companies provide private and/or fleet vehicle drivers with a support service in case of accident. The architecture exploits three components: i) a sensing unit installed on the car for acceleration/orientation measurements ii) a localization unit for GPS reading, and iii) a data processing and communication for identification of accidents and communication of position data either to public authorities (e.g. hospital or police) or private support providers.

Vodafone Automotive cooperated tightly with Politecnico di Milano during the CONTREX FP7

IP project in particular on the automotive use case. Most the of technology developed during the project have been already included in the Vodafone Automotive production roadmap and, to ensure a long-term cooperation with the requirements and characteristics of the industry, the kernel members of the POLIMI team founded a startup on July 2016 named IBT Systsms srl, to keep on working beyond the timeframe of the project.

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